Advanced Coatings and Characterization Methods
Houston, TX,
April 10-11, 2017

CONTENT:  Coatings based on polymer nanocomposites, organic-inorganic hybrid materials, alloys, and 2-D nanomaterials are some of the most important developments in creating smart coatings that are capable of self-healing, superhydrophobicity, stimuli-responsiveness, sensory functions, and high performance under extreme conditions. This translates to toughened properties for anti-corrosion, high resistance to abrasion, de-icing properties, stability under multiphase fluids, and high barrier function. On the other hand, aesthetic qualities, gloss control, high transparency, and anti-scratch resistance are important for architectural and other consumer demands. It is important to understand not only the fundamentals of formulations, coatings, and curing methods but also the synergistic functionalities that contribute to overall long-term performance and cost-effectiveness. It will be of high interest to understand the commonalities and requirements in industrial coatings, architecturial coatings, barrier packaging, optical, and solid state device coatings.

RELEVANCE: This conference is open to both the novice and the highly experienced researcher. For the researcher, it will connect real-world applications with new technology platforms and investigative methods. It will be highly valued by technical and marketing managers in the new knowledge gained on upcoming materials and methods. The participant will learn the new developments in coatings technologies and the use of smart additives and new formulations methods including nanomaterials.  On the other hand, it is also a training venue for mastering the fundamentals of coatings technology, characterization techniques, corrosion evaluation, metrology, etc.  in a relatively short time.

NETWORKING: The conference has been highly valued for the networking opportunities between experts and decision makers in R&D and marketing both in industry and academia. It will provide opportunities to meet with different companies and solution providers in materials, formulations, analytical methods, and project services.

This workshop will cover:

1. Advanced polymer materials and hybrid materials in coatings with introduction.
2. Flame retardant and barrier materials in coatings
3. New Coating and ultrathin film deposition methods.
4. Rheology of Fluids and emulsions for formulations and paints.
5. Corrosion mitigation and investigative methods.
6. Methods of coatings characterization including failure analysis.
7. Superhydrophobicity in coatings and separation applications
8. Nanotechnology platforms in additives and coatings composites
9. High performance materials and coatings in extreme environments
10. Lifetime cycle assessment (LCA) and cost-effectiveness in coatings development

11. Standards and Testing methods of coating materials


This will be a two-day Conference-Training meeting and premiere networking event that will draw participants from many in the industry: chemical companies, academia, researchers, coatings experts, formulators, applicators.

Certificate of Completion

Question and Answer Sessions.

Networking Opportunities - chemical R & D divisions, coatings companies, chemical suppliers, and other service companies

EXHIBITION of  New Instrumentation and Products from selected exhibitors (15 slots only).
-Exhibitor/Networking OPEN to the public with Registration (lunch included).
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PARTICIPANTS -Workshop Registration is limited to first 75 participants (meals and evening reception included) 

DISCOUNT -Group Discount rate available for 5 or more attendees

ACADEMICS -Discount for Academics: Professors, Post-Docs, Students (1 Day registration and attend both days). Please indicate in the registration.

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